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A day at Seeloy Island Club

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Birds Eye Club View

8 a.m.
Arriving at the club

You arrive at Seeloy Island Club to the sound of birds singing and the early morning sun gleaming on the river and ocean. A carafe of freshly-squeezed pineapple and coconut juice appears in front of you as if by magic. You select a Stand Up Paddle from the water sports equipment available – and which Seeloy Island Club members enjoy for free – while your partner and daughter climb aboard a two-person kayak. As you paddle out onto L’Estuaire River, you breathe in the clean, fresh morning air and feel yourself unwind.


9.30 a.m.
Discover breakfast

Newly invigorated, you make your way to the Seeloy restaurant for a well-earned breakfast. Set on the water between the river and marina, the restaurant’s airy volumes and stylish coral-inspired décor give it a cosy and luxurious feel. Your partner tucks into classic eggs benedict while you sample toasted rye bread and fresh seasonal fruit and your daughter polishes off crêpes with maple syrup. As club members, you enjoy up to 20% off food and drinks.  

Girl in the Pool

10.30 a.m.

After breakfast, you soak in the gorgeous views of the mountain, river and lagoon from the club’s 325m² infinity pool while your daughter joins her friends in the kids’ corner and your husband squeezes in a workout at the club’s state of the art gym. Perhaps it’s time to indulge in that full-body massage at the Sunset Spa...?

Lunch Bites

12 p.m.
It’s Lunch Time!

It’s time to savour some seriously masterful cooking. The Seeloy Island Club’s restaurant is helmed by two Michelin-starred chef Jerry Bastiaan, who has crafted a menu of pared-back yet inspired dishes that are a tribute to island living and the West Coast in particular. Each item brings together exceptional culinary flair with the finest local produce, whether you’re in the mood for a fresh and delicious salad, some classic Mauritian soul food, or a hearty Wagyu steak with a side of truffle mac ‘n’ cheese.

Table Tennis

14 p.m.
Table Tennis Anyone?

Replete and armed with a book and an espresso, you retreat to a breezy cabana on the club’s fine sandy beach, while your husband and daughter play a game of table tennis nearby.

Z'anana Time

17 p.m. 
Sunset in the West

As the sun begins to set, you and your loved ones climb aboard a speedboat for an evening on the water. As Mauritius’ only private club located within a marina, Seeloy Island Club makes it easy to arrange exclusive private boat outings. With your family around you, you sip your favourite cocktail, admire the fiery sunset and look forward to another indulgent day at the club.

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Opening Hours

Monday - Sunday 06am - 10pm

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Infinity Pool & Beach 
Monday - Sunday 08am - 7pm

Monday - Sunday 06am - 10pm

Tennis court:
Monday - Sunday 06am - 9pm

Half Olympic Size Pool
Monday - Sunday 06am - 7pm


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