The Rules of the Club

The Rules of Seeloy Island Club

The following are the rules and regulations governing use of Seeloy Island Club (“The Club”) by Members and guests under the Club’s Membership Program. These rules and regulations replace and supersede all prior rules and regulations and all other Membership agreements that may have been implemented in the past.
Such prior agreements are no longer valid and are not binding on Management.
It is the intent of management of Seeloy Island Club to limit these Rules and Regulations to the minimum required for the mutual enjoyment of the Club by all its members and their guests. The obligation of enforcing these Rules and Regulations for the good of all members is placed primarily in the hands of a carefully selected and trained staff whose principal responsibility is to assure you of all the courtesies, comforts and services to which you, as a member of Seeloy Island Club are entitled. It is further the duty of the membership of the Club to know these Rules and Regulations and to cooperate in the enforcement thereof.

Rules of the Club

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Sports Centre Rules

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Infinity Pool & Beach Rules

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Gym Rules

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Short-term Bylaws

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Opening Hours

Monday - Sunday 08am - 10pm

Breakfast - Lunch - Dinner
Monday - Sunday 08am - 10pm

Infinity Pool & Beach 
Monday - Sunday 8am - 7pm

Monday - Sunday 6am - 10pm

Tennis court:
Monday - Sunday 6am - 9pm

Half Olympic Size Pool
Monday - Sunday 6am - 7pm


Seeloy Island Club
La Balise Marina
Royal Road 
Riviere Noire / Black River

+230 484 11 11 

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